The Top 5 In-Demand Freelance Skills in 2022

These in-demand freelance skills for 2022 can help you earn serious money.

Interested in freelancing but don’t know where to start? I firmly believe that anyone can learn a new skill if they want to. All it takes is commitment and an investment of time. So, if you don’t have a clear-cut freelance skill that you can put to use right now, choose one of these in-demand freelance skills that clients are looking for in 2022., one of the top freelance jobs sites, has published a report on the most in-demand skills on its platform, including data from July through September of this year. Here’s a look at the top 5 skills:

  • Android app development
  • AJAX (which is Asynchronous Javascript and XML)
  • API (application programming interface)
  • Blog writing
  • YouTube content

Let’s review this list by starting with the fourth bullet point. I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars writing blogs across my freelance career. If you don’t feel comfortable writing for clients, I recommend reading a book like Everybody Writes in an effort to develop your skills and take them to market.

The last bullet, YouTube content creation, is another skill that anyone can learn with a little bit of effort and energy.

And, related to the first three bullets, it’s easier than ever before to learn coding skills that would be helpful in securing Android app development, AJAX and API work. Enroll in a boot camp where you learn these skills — and how to leverage them to serve clients.

Starting a freelance business isn’t easy. If it were, everyone would do it. But it’s an amazing experience. If you’re willing to put in the hard work, you can make a lot of money with the in-demand freelance skills listed above.

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